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A short note to let you know that last week I joined the ever-growing network of Twitter. So, if you tweet or follow tweets, you can find me at

Still working on the graphics, please bear with me.


Kim Izzy

Saturday, December 7, 2013

I did it! Check out my book - The Case of The Missing Mother

I have published my children's book. I feel very much like an amateur today. Being sick this week hasn't helped. I had plans to write a press release. Oops! (There still may be time.)

But without further ado:

Jessie is lost in the park and afraid of strangers. She meets Loop, a dragonfly. Come along on the journey! Meet a few of the park’s residents. Will Jessie find her mommy? Let's find out together!

Paperback Available from Createspace $10.99
The Case of the Missing Mother
Use the above link to access the
Kindle Ebook at Amazon. $4.99
(Prime lending eligible)

The Case of the Missing Mother
Use this link to purchase the
paperback at Amazon (At the
time of this post discounted to

I designed the book to be read to children ages 3 - 8.


Kim Izzy

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

~ Pictue it & Write! - How Long Can You Hold Your Breath?

It began with a simple childish dare. "How long can you hold your breath?" Art dared me.

I was holding my breath surrounded by the legs and arms of my blissfully unaware classmates of my swimming class. They didn't see the danger staring at me.

How had they gotten into the swimming pool in land locked desert country of Albuquerque, New Mexico, anyway? This wasn't the kind of thing you expected to see around here. Maybe at one of the City's Aquariums, but not here in our local pool.

The floor of the pool undulated as the crabs crawled over each other in order to find unclaimed square footage. There had to be hundreds, maybe thousands of them. Could they swim? Would they eat humans? How long had I stayed down?

It was enough. Art could have the pleasure of going next.

I surfaced. Something tickled my foot. I screamed.

© 2013 Kim Izzy

Hope you enjoyed!

Kim Izzy

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Dropbox Baby

Sorry about the vacation but training for work and trying to do Nano, I got a behind trying to do it all. 

Today I have a short story inspired by a news article: Korean pastor saving babies with anonymous ‘Baby Box’.  The article in part reads:   " Hundreds of unwanted babies are abandoned on the side of the street in South Korea every year. Jong-rak knew he needed to set up a way to save the lives of these precious babies.  He built a drop box on the side of his home with a humble sign reading, “Place to leave babies.”"

Here's today's short story:

November 19, 2030

Seventeen years ago, there was a documentary made about my life and hundreds of others just like me. We are the "Dropbox Babies." I wasn't aware that I held that distinction until a year ago, when my parents showed me the documentary. I knew I had been adopted as I don't look like my adopted American parents.

I was one of the lucky ones. My mother left a note saying this was the best she could do for me. This was the best she could do for me, really?

The pastor found me a good home. I had a good family and a good life but doubts still nagged at the back of my mind. How could she give me away, if I was so special? I wasn't physically or mentally handicapped, just unwanted. I am not alone, over eight thousand children were abandon in 2010 in my biological country of South Korea.

My family showed me church but I felt unlovable. If the woman, whom had brought me into this world couldn't love me, I wasn't worthy of love. I was mad at God and the world.

Then I watched the documentary and the film maker became a Christian during the filming. He could see God's hand in the saving of what seemed like doomed children. Maybe there was hope for me.

I was preparing to make my way into the world, out from under my parent's wings. I realized I, too, had been loved and still loved as tears streamed down my mother's face as I left to return to see my birth country with a reunion group of returning "Dropbox Babies." 

Dad too, although, he wiped them clean, not wanting the camera to catch his moment of weakness. He whispered, "I wish we could be there to share this time of discovery. But we understand you need to do this alone." He squeezed my shoulder. "Just remember we are always here for you. You'll always be the son of my heart. I love you." 

One last embrace from mom, she cried, "Go find yourself. God has a plan for your life. He always has. It's why he rescued you. But please, please come back to us. I love you."

It was a favorite saying of my parents that I was the son of their prayers and heart, if not of their bodies. It has taken my trip back to my homeland to understand that saying.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

What are you up to?

Taking a break this week from posting new writing, I have too many projects in the works but nothing complete. The picture book flowed fast and furious early this week. The second round for Scifi Smackdown was flowing earlier tonight. Yesterday, I slept.

But looking back over the last several months, I haven't been reading. Don't get me wrong. I love to write but well . . . I miss reading, escaping into a world already made (written) just waiting to be discovered. Sometimes, I wish I could be a first time reader of my stories. It doesn't work like that. Stories take time and work to make them good.

I picked up the second in a series that I am reading. Hope to get it read.


Kim Izzy

Saturday, October 12, 2013

One Night at A Little Soul (Scifi Smackdown 7.0 at Wattpad)

One Night at A Little Soul

They let me in. I rushed to get Fallen written then I didn't get it submitted in time. Since is was before Round 1 they let me in. (Thanks, guys!)

Round 1 - One night at _______ (an astrobar)
                  2500 to 6000 words
                  Must use the song "The House Rules" by Christian Kane

After submitting the stories, six contestants dropped out, so no eliminations this round.


Mom's dead and dad's in jail. Sixteen year old, Palmer Mangrum has been shipped as an indentured servant to the backwater planet, Nero. On this gel-like water planet, they farm a type of squid for it's unique minerals.  

He made a friend on the trip from Earth, Brandt, ex-military cadet. Now, he is also an indentured servant with shuttle flying experience. They gravitated to the oxygen bar, A Little Soul. It reminded Palmer of home.

Hometown bar rivalry explodes. The planet catches fire. What will happen to them? To his siblings, Kenley and Denae?

Here's the link to One night at A Little Soul :  One Night at A Little Soul 

Hope you enjoy!

Kim Izzy

PS- Be careful reading the other stories in this round. Most were created for an "adult" audience and I do not know if they were label as such. 

© 2013 Kim Izzy

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

~Picture it & Write! - Dark Alley

~picture it & Write

The recent rain clung to my clothes as I ducked into a dark alley.  Hungry, wet and tired made my job all the more miserable. Two weeks ago after school, my brother went missing. Mom says it's not my fault, but I must find him.

Short and sweet, this week-

Kim Izzy

Friday, September 27, 2013

The Case of The Missing Mother Preview

Coming Soon!! (I hope!) I have been working really hard this summer on my writing as well as my digital art. This is the last draft of the cover for my first children's story. 

Let me know what you think!

Kim Izzy

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Sci-fi Smackdown on Wattpad

Update: I took too long to get this post, the cover and Tito's irises done. I missed the time cutoff. :(  But it still looks like there will be some great reads created. I left the external like to Sci -fi Smackdown on the Fallen story page (under the cover on the right if you like to read what others are writing.) 

After I posted Conscripted on Wattpad, I was looking at the other new short stories and I ran across the Sci-fi Smackdown competition on Wattpad. So, crazy as my life is I am trying to get my initial 500-1000 entry downloaded.

Here is the cover: 

I created Tito's irises, just for fun. (If you want to know who Tito, please go read the story. Thanks!)

This is just more fun than a girl should have!
Kim Izzy

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Conscripted - A Short Story


“You have been conscripted into the UN Navy, Keene Knirs.” scrolled across the bottom of his eye screen in big scarlet lettering. He froze in the middle of the school hallway. It was his mother’s worse fear.

Ten days ago on the first day of school after Christmas break, he’d turned eighteen but he still had four months before graduation at Cass City High School. Would they let him finish High School? If he wanted to register and attend college, would they let him?

His dream had been to attend college for vehicle repair. Keene and his dad always seemed to have one project car after another in the barn to work on.

The war in the Middle East still battled on for the last twenty or so years. Peace keeping units patrolled day and night, while the tension increased in the generational conflict between China and Japan. Half a decade ago, Japan changed their non-aggression constitution for one that protected their national right to defense, after the US failed to defend them against China’s aggression in disputed waters off Senkaku/Diaoyu islands. The new constitution resulted in Japan’s formal dismissal from the UN.

China had threatened to cut off strategic US military supplies. Little things like there are no shoes produced on US soil, since 2014 when all tariff’s on foreign made shoes were lifted, the last shoes made in America were now over five years old. When we bluffed, China started calling in all the financial instruments they held.

The required news on his internet services scrolled in green. Today’s headline read, “Japan’s secret navy shelled Shanghai. Estimated hundreds of thousands injured and tens of thousands dead.”

Charlina Lock ran into him literally, “Why did you stop, Keene? Everybody knew this was coming?”

“I’ve been conscripted.” Keene said, wishing his voice didn’t squeak. She was the prettiest girl in their class. Of course, their class was the smallest in at least the better part of a century. With the advent of better farming tech, the requirement for manpower decreased. Cass City had been dying since the turn of the millennium.

“Oh, man! I’m sorry.” Tears welled up in her big green eyes. Flipping her long red locks over her left shoulder, she continued, “Salmer Blackurn’s cousin over in Caro got the notification on Christmas.” She paused, chewing on lock of her hair, “He was gone before school restarted.”

Tears formed behind Keene’s eyes, he fought them back. “Do you know if he asked to go on to college?”

“IDK but I doubt it. He worked on his uncle’s farm, Salmar’s dad’s place.” She said.

“Warning you have two minutes to get to class.” scrolled across their eye pieces in maroon, one of the school colors. The school had access to everyone’s feed, which sucked because they blocked postings that weren’t theirs or required by law during class hours. Keene would have loved to post updates of the car project of his and Bruce’s in Mr. Torres’ auto shop class. It was one cool restro, his word for restoration.

Charlina patted his back, “See you in Physics.”

Keene nodded.

Half way to Spanish class, Keene got another text, “Report to Principle Sari’s office immediately.” His feet slowed his progress towards room 121, Mrs. Sanchez’s class. Mom complained about the small school not offering foreign languages of the new global powers.

As he rounded the corner, he saw Jimmy Hunt opening the door to the office. They had been in school together their whole lives. Jimmy’s birthday was the day after his. Jimmy caught sight of Keene and waited for him to catch up.

“Army.” Jimmy said with red rimmed eyes.

“Navy.” Keene said, “Have you heard if we can choose college instead?”

“IDK but my grades aren’t good enough, bro. I planned on working for dad on our dairy farm.”

Keene said, “Mechanic – vehicle, hopefully.”

“Gentleman, come in. Stop standing in the hallway.”

Both turned and walked slowly toward the principle. “Yes, ma’am.” They said in unison.

“Congratulations, boys! You’ve graduated.”

Keene’s mouth dropped, looking at Jimmy’s raised eyebrows. He didn’t know if he should cheer or scream.

Jimmy’s face drained of color, he asked, “What happens now? Do we get to walk with our class?”

Principle Sari placed her obese hand on to Jimmy’s shoulder, “No, son. Tomorrow either you’ll report to the bus leaving for one of the Armed Forces Colleges or for basic training in Kentucky.”

Keene’s face flushed red while Jimmies face already drained of color turned more of gray than white.

“Do you need an answer now?” Keene asked.

She turned her brown beady eyes toward him. “No, you will get instructional scrolls after you get home. Do you need rides home or did you drive today?”

“Drove.” Both said again in unison.

“Drive safely.” Principle Sari said ushering them towards the door.

“Don’t we get to say goodbye to our friends?” Keene whined.

“Nope! Your parents have been notified and they will probably want to spend the time with you. But you can always say goodbye after school hours.” She said leaning on the metal doors closest to the student parking.

“What about the contents of our lockers?” Jimmy asked.

“Janitor Henry has emptied them for you and will be here soon.” she said.

Jimmy’s face flamed red. Wow, what did he keep stashed in his locker? At the same time, under her breath, Keene was sure he heard Principle Sari say, “It’s the only reason you’re still here.”

Six months later, standing at the attendance office of Naval Trades College, Keene waited for his passes for a home visit to print. The tall, awkward big glasses clerk whispered loudly at him, “Don’t miss your bus to basic or they won’t let you come back to school. They’ll ship you out immediately.”

“I don’t plan on missing anything.” Keene winked at her. She liked him, but he didn’t return the feeling. It was good to have someone in admin on your side. It really was a case of who you know and not what you know. “I will follow my schedule exactly.” He saluted and she giggled.

As he boarded the bus, his thoughts drifted. It would be good to see mom and dad, and his family tonite. But Jimmy’s funeral tomorrow wasn’t going to be easy. Charlina and what was left of their class would have a hard time celebrating their graduation the next day.

© 2013 Kim Izzy

This short story was inspired by this news story:

This story is also available at my Wattpad page: (It's the second in the Flash Stories titled: '13 Flash) 

Thanks for reading,

Kim Izzy 

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Facebook Cover

Check out the new facebook cover I designed for my Kim Izzy author page. 

I still write most of my stories, long and short, on paper.
Kim Izzy

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Extra! Extra!

I am having too much fun learning photo manipulation. I love sharing them with others but I decided to try my hand at designing a few products again for Zazzle.

Blue Butterflies Dancing Postcard
Blue Butterflies Dancing Postcard by bendingtreedesigns
Create a Post card with

This will also be available as postage as soon as it's approved. I think I will also make it into an iPhone case. What other products do you think this design would look good on? Leave your suggestions in the comments.
Kim Izzy

WOW! Now, I just need to get an iPhone!
Blue Butterflies Dancing iPhone 5 Glossy case
Blue Butterflies Dancing iPhone 5 Glossy case by bendingtreedesigns
Check out more Blue butterfly iPhone Cases at Zazzle

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Domed Judgment Chapter 1 - Wattpad

Hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend. I had fun spending time with family.

Now on to my fun work, I downloaded the first chapter today. Check it out. Let me know what you think.

Domed Judgment Chapter 1 - Wattpad

Story Description from Wattpad:
Hi! I'm Mazie Andersen. Tonight is going to be the most important night of my life, so far. Today, mom and I are preparing for my Junior Court Homecoming appearance. I bummed a ride home from school with Anna, a Homecoming Queen contender. Time's passing slowly as I wait for mom to arrive home.
Join me on my journey of a changing world. 

A word of caution: Wattpad offers a great service to readers and writers but like with all social media/internet use responsibly.


Kim Izzy

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Dome Judgment Cover

I have been busy creating a cover for the short story that I posted in last week's "~Picture It & Write!" short story.. Here is the first version. I am creating the blurb and the first files at my Wattpad. I will update this posting once I have a link.

Please forgive me for the short post this week. I had a funeral earlier this and everything is running behind.

Kim Izzy

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

~Picture it & Write! - Domed Judgment Excerpt UPDATED!!

by DiggieVitt on Flickr
Ermilia's ~Picture it & Write! writing prompt. Click picture to learn more.

The dome for the lack of a better description was off over to our left, our homes to the right. Maybe I, too, am letting popular TV science fiction influence me. I have never seen nor heard of anyone in real life having an electronic force shield. But all of Franklin, at least this side of it, was trapped behind it. Whatever "it" was!

At first we ran across the corn field thinking we could hide from the birds. Birds seemed driven to act crazy by the electronic field. When we came to an overgrown driveway, Landon and Darris turned to follow it. 

"Hoping to make better time and get away from the birds." Breathlessly, Darris yelled over his shoulder of the arm with which he was dragging me. I think Anna could hear because she and Landon were beside us.  

Behind me, I see Darris's older brother, Anthony falling back. The birds converged on him. Were the birds attracted to the scent of burning human hair? Anthony had taken a good shock when he had touched the electronic wall. Or was Anthony trying to give us a head start?

Darris yelled over my head, "Anthony, run. Catch up with us. You have nothing to fight with. You saw what they did to Gentry's injure cattle."

Anthony ran to the edge of the cornfield yanking several cornstalks out of the ground. He swung them at the diving crows, while we climb through the ditch up onto the road that had brought us to edge of our nightmares. Anthony connected with a couple of birds. They tumbled across the sky crashing into the waiting cornstalks as I watched waiting for my turn.  Our families were trapped.  

Where was the military? Ft. Campbell was only a couple of hours away. Where were the Blackhawk Helicopters that flew between Ft. Campbell and Florida? Their sound echoing throughout the Natchez Trace valley on Hwy 96. 

The birds gave up returning back to the direction of the dome. Anthony limped as we waited for him to catch up with us on the road.

"Where to now, Big Bro?" Darris asked Anthony.

(Note: I used the picture this week to inspire a passage in my current short story, Domed Judgment that I am writing to post at soon. I will post a notice of the downloads here at my blog and on my facebook page, Kim Izzy

Update: See this as the chapter(edited) in the bigger story. Chapter 6 posted 10/10/2013. Posting one chapter a week, nine weeks left. Domed Judgment chapter 6  If you want to start the story at the beginning use this link - Domed Judgment. Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

~Picture it & Write! - Future Unknown

Lavina hated her mom at this moment. Throwing herself to the sand, she couldn't care less that it was damp. She didn't hate her mom, not really, but she wished her mom would just try and listen to her side of the argument. They were arguing all the time these days. It was like she wanted Lavina to be "old and full of wisdom."

Laying her head down, it hit something very hard. Rubbing the back of her head, she said, "Really, people are pigs!" Someone had left trash on the beach. A glass bottle, no less. It could break and people could get nasty cuts, infections and could die. Great! Now, she sounded like mom. She hated that side of herself. 

Of course, no one heard her. The beach was deserted. With brilliant colors gracing the evening sky, Lavina was surprised that she was alone. 

Twirling the bottle around, Lavina notice the magnifying effect the bottle had on the gorgeous sunset that had drawn her to the beach tonight. Hoping it would relax her. She had been so uptight lately. With senior pictures around the corner and her senior year starting in a few weeks, the pressure was mounting. 

What was she going to do with her future? She needed a magnifier to help her see her far away future. But where did one get such a thing? Even mom couldn't predict the future.

I love sunsets! Hope you enjoyed the short story.


Kim Izzy

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

~Picture it & write! - Do you see what I see?

Picture from Ermilia's  ~Picture it & Write!

Two girls came skipping out of the forest. Barely, they stopped before landing in a concrete pond full of lily pads.

"Do you see what I see?" Georgina asked Alyssa, while rubbing her eyes.

"Isn't it beautiful?" Alyssa said. Her eyes glazed over.

"What? Why would you think a bed in a pond is beautiful?"

"The frilly teal shimmering curtains hanging from the canopy. The gold tassels all along the top." Alyssa sighed.

"Yuck, look at the muddy mess where the pond water has been absorbed up the curtains. The mattress is just inches above the water. There's got to be bugs, spiders and other nasty things in that bed." Georgina vibrated with horror.

Alyssa shook her head, "Put a few lit floating candles in the water. After dark, they would look like fireflies."

"Don't even get me started on the mosquitoes!" Georgina continued on.

"Who would do something like this?" Alyssa asked.

"Someone crazy, of course. To ruin a perfectly good bed that way, what a waste!" Georgina said.

"No, not a crazy person. Someone romantic, artistic. It's not a waste! It's beautiful!" Alyssa stared at the bed.

"I can't see what you see." Georgina said rubbing her eyes, focusing and un-focusing them. "Nope, just can't see it."

Alyssa turned and stared at her friends, shaking her head, "Agree to disagree?" She held out her hand to Georgina, "But we can still be friends, right?"

Georgina looked back at the bed, shook her head. She reached for Alyssa's hand. "Friends!"

The girls turned back and skipped down the path. Alyssa looked back over shoulder at the unusual sight.

Hope you enjoy my short story.


Kim Izzy

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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

~Picture it & Write! - Alban's Brother

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"Wake up, Alban! You're having a nightmare." Mom shook me hard.

I wiped wetness from my eyes. "What?" I asked, "What's going on, Mom?"

"You were screaming in your sleep. That wetness was your tears. What happened to you today?" Mom's hand shook as she stroked my damp hair away from my face. She sat on the edge of the sofa beside me. "Do you know where your brother is? Your father is out looking for him."

The last time I saw Darvades, my older brother, he was holding a molotov cocktail cocked and ready to release. Our sister, Ola, pulled me down the nearest alley. I hadn't seen him since. What should I tell mom? I searched the room for any distractions I could find.

Mom took my chin in her hand and pulled my face close to hers. "Tell me. Tell me, now. You were screaming his name. There is no out."

On her breath, I smelled the garlic bread from supper last night. I sighed and I began, "Ola and I were taking Darvades his lunch."

Darvades worked at the local refinery, where the riots started. The rioters chased the enforcers down the street to the business district or so the local gossip reported.

Mom's head shook from side to side, trying to deny what I was saying. "You two told me that you missed all that nonsense. Those riots are stupid!"

Ola stood framed in the door of her room, only she and our parents had bedrooms. It took all the money we had to afford this ratty two bedroom ground floor apartment. Tears streamed down her face. She rushed over putting her arms around mom and me kneeling on the rag rug on the floor beside the sofa on which I slept .

"You're only thirteen, Alban." Mom turned to Ola, "You're only fourteen."

"I'll be fifteen in a few weeks, Ma." Ola said, "We got out okay. And the riots are not stupid. Darvades is fighting for better pay and safer working conditions. You know three boys were maimed last month alone."

"But Darvades still isn't home safe. Where can he be? I am scared." Mom's body shook. Tears rolled down her checks falling on to my blankets.

The front door swung open. Dad half carried Darvades who was covered in soot and blisters. But very much alive!

Hoped you enjoyed!

Kim Izzy