Saturday, October 12, 2013

One Night at A Little Soul (Scifi Smackdown 7.0 at Wattpad)

One Night at A Little Soul

They let me in. I rushed to get Fallen written then I didn't get it submitted in time. Since is was before Round 1 they let me in. (Thanks, guys!)

Round 1 - One night at _______ (an astrobar)
                  2500 to 6000 words
                  Must use the song "The House Rules" by Christian Kane

After submitting the stories, six contestants dropped out, so no eliminations this round.


Mom's dead and dad's in jail. Sixteen year old, Palmer Mangrum has been shipped as an indentured servant to the backwater planet, Nero. On this gel-like water planet, they farm a type of squid for it's unique minerals.  

He made a friend on the trip from Earth, Brandt, ex-military cadet. Now, he is also an indentured servant with shuttle flying experience. They gravitated to the oxygen bar, A Little Soul. It reminded Palmer of home.

Hometown bar rivalry explodes. The planet catches fire. What will happen to them? To his siblings, Kenley and Denae?

Here's the link to One night at A Little Soul :  One Night at A Little Soul 

Hope you enjoy!

Kim Izzy

PS- Be careful reading the other stories in this round. Most were created for an "adult" audience and I do not know if they were label as such. 

© 2013 Kim Izzy

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