Monday, July 11, 2011

Youth Education

The newspaper, TheTennessean, of Nashville, Tennessee, had a great article to share about teen writers. It's about a personal desire to create stories to share and learning the tools of the trade. Every job requires skills to complete them.

No matter our age, we need to update and refresh our skills keeping our passion for life ignited. Do you have a secret dream? Do you need to brush off a dusty desire?

I kept my desire to write buried for many years. I am a happier person now that I have shared my desire to write even though I'm struggling to find avenues to share my creations. Self publishing or seek traditional publication?

The young people in the newspaper story are writing 40,000 word novels and plan to self publish. Are they ready for the small business they may be launching?

Math may not seem like a skill required of authors. While writing a story is fun and creative, publishing is a business. Business requires other skills. Continuing education is the key.

Keep Learning,
Kim Izzy
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