Thursday, August 22, 2013

Dome Judgment Cover

I have been busy creating a cover for the short story that I posted in last week's "~Picture It & Write!" short story.. Here is the first version. I am creating the blurb and the first files at my Wattpad. I will update this posting once I have a link.

Please forgive me for the short post this week. I had a funeral earlier this and everything is running behind.

Kim Izzy

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

~Picture it & Write! - Domed Judgment Excerpt UPDATED!!

by DiggieVitt on Flickr
Ermilia's ~Picture it & Write! writing prompt. Click picture to learn more.

The dome for the lack of a better description was off over to our left, our homes to the right. Maybe I, too, am letting popular TV science fiction influence me. I have never seen nor heard of anyone in real life having an electronic force shield. But all of Franklin, at least this side of it, was trapped behind it. Whatever "it" was!

At first we ran across the corn field thinking we could hide from the birds. Birds seemed driven to act crazy by the electronic field. When we came to an overgrown driveway, Landon and Darris turned to follow it. 

"Hoping to make better time and get away from the birds." Breathlessly, Darris yelled over his shoulder of the arm with which he was dragging me. I think Anna could hear because she and Landon were beside us.  

Behind me, I see Darris's older brother, Anthony falling back. The birds converged on him. Were the birds attracted to the scent of burning human hair? Anthony had taken a good shock when he had touched the electronic wall. Or was Anthony trying to give us a head start?

Darris yelled over my head, "Anthony, run. Catch up with us. You have nothing to fight with. You saw what they did to Gentry's injure cattle."

Anthony ran to the edge of the cornfield yanking several cornstalks out of the ground. He swung them at the diving crows, while we climb through the ditch up onto the road that had brought us to edge of our nightmares. Anthony connected with a couple of birds. They tumbled across the sky crashing into the waiting cornstalks as I watched waiting for my turn.  Our families were trapped.  

Where was the military? Ft. Campbell was only a couple of hours away. Where were the Blackhawk Helicopters that flew between Ft. Campbell and Florida? Their sound echoing throughout the Natchez Trace valley on Hwy 96. 

The birds gave up returning back to the direction of the dome. Anthony limped as we waited for him to catch up with us on the road.

"Where to now, Big Bro?" Darris asked Anthony.

(Note: I used the picture this week to inspire a passage in my current short story, Domed Judgment that I am writing to post at soon. I will post a notice of the downloads here at my blog and on my facebook page, Kim Izzy

Update: See this as the chapter(edited) in the bigger story. Chapter 6 posted 10/10/2013. Posting one chapter a week, nine weeks left. Domed Judgment chapter 6  If you want to start the story at the beginning use this link - Domed Judgment. Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

~Picture it & Write! - Future Unknown

Lavina hated her mom at this moment. Throwing herself to the sand, she couldn't care less that it was damp. She didn't hate her mom, not really, but she wished her mom would just try and listen to her side of the argument. They were arguing all the time these days. It was like she wanted Lavina to be "old and full of wisdom."

Laying her head down, it hit something very hard. Rubbing the back of her head, she said, "Really, people are pigs!" Someone had left trash on the beach. A glass bottle, no less. It could break and people could get nasty cuts, infections and could die. Great! Now, she sounded like mom. She hated that side of herself. 

Of course, no one heard her. The beach was deserted. With brilliant colors gracing the evening sky, Lavina was surprised that she was alone. 

Twirling the bottle around, Lavina notice the magnifying effect the bottle had on the gorgeous sunset that had drawn her to the beach tonight. Hoping it would relax her. She had been so uptight lately. With senior pictures around the corner and her senior year starting in a few weeks, the pressure was mounting. 

What was she going to do with her future? She needed a magnifier to help her see her far away future. But where did one get such a thing? Even mom couldn't predict the future.

I love sunsets! Hope you enjoyed the short story.


Kim Izzy