Saturday, September 21, 2013

Sci-fi Smackdown on Wattpad

Update: I took too long to get this post, the cover and Tito's irises done. I missed the time cutoff. :(  But it still looks like there will be some great reads created. I left the external like to Sci -fi Smackdown on the Fallen story page (under the cover on the right if you like to read what others are writing.) 

After I posted Conscripted on Wattpad, I was looking at the other new short stories and I ran across the Sci-fi Smackdown competition on Wattpad. So, crazy as my life is I am trying to get my initial 500-1000 entry downloaded.

Here is the cover: 

I created Tito's irises, just for fun. (If you want to know who Tito, please go read the story. Thanks!)

This is just more fun than a girl should have!
Kim Izzy

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