Thursday, October 7, 2010

Heartsong Presents: Grace by Linda Ford Book Review

The advice most often given to writers is to read, read, and read some more. Read both types non fiction and fiction; read all genres.

Sometime ago, I picked up an 2004 Heartsong Presents. I know it’s out of date but it was a pleasure read as I was drawn in by the blurb on the back. While it is technically an adult book, the heroine is an young lady of eighteen or nineteen.

I wasn’t an young bride as is Grace. I lived several years on my own but suddenly being responsible for someone beside myself and “running” a household was a little intimidating. Grace does a great job of describing this coming of age. I haven’t read very many books that deal with this topic. Fortunately, it is well done.

Grace had me examining my life for areas where I too have succeeded when I took a chance to try something new. We learn more from our failures than we ever learn from playing it safe or letting someone else do it for us. An important lesson is not letting pride (or fear) stand in the way of getting/asking for help.

Kim Izzy

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