Thursday, September 30, 2010

Book Review - The Earthborn - Paul Collins

The Earthborn is a scifi YA story. Several hundred years ago, a space ship was dispatched to colonize a distant solar system. The planet was marginal at best and Earth's last transmission broadcast nuclear war. The ship, Colony, decided to return to Earth, purify it and recolonized it with Skyborn. Of course, as with any assumations, things go wrong. The human spirit to live and learn has survived.

The main character is a skyborn youth, causing me to question the title of the book. The story is well written until the end. It feels rushed and incomplete. Until the last few statements at the end of the book, I wondered if I was looking forward to a sequel.

While I didn't agree with some of the writer's assumptions, I could see his logic and enjoyed the story until the end. I walked away from this book disappointed.

Kim Izzy

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