Saturday, January 4, 2014

The Legend Trilogy, A review

A flash back to the origins of this blog. Prior to 2013, I believe, all my post were reviews of YA and Middle Grade Fiction. I haven't read many books in the last six months due to the amount of work it took to illustrate my book, The Case of the Missing Mother . However, I did manage to complete the Legend Trilogy written by Marie Lu. I started the series September of 2012. I finished the series during Michigan's Ice Storm just before Christmas 2013. We lost power for twenty-four hours. It was during this time I read Champion. 

June and Day, the main characters, start Legend as enemies with June undercover pursuing Day for his criminal behavior. The story is set in a post apocalyptic, post-America Los Angeles. The story is well created and captivating. Sometime, when I read a series I have to reread a portion of the previous book to pick up the story line. I found the characters created by Marie Lu memorable enough to jump right into the next book. 

I recommend reading this trilogy. These books would be a good start if you've been wanting to try a dystopian, post apocalyptic series.


Kim Izzy

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