Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Everyday Funny

   Yesterday, we had a day of rain. Today's sky was full of bright white fluffy clouds. During my errands, I left my young teenage children in the van. Standing at checkout, full sun beamed in the plate glass windows.
   The lady behind me the express checkout lane said, "It's pouring!"
   Looking outside the sun was shining and the rain was coming down in sheets. My kids were sitting in the van with the windows down. Thanks to modern technology, powder windows, they had no way to close the windows. I had the only set of keys with me in the store.
   Walking back to the car, I saw my daughter sitting in the front passenger seat using a purple and pink toddler umbrella as a shield. (Okay, it's time to clean out the van.) I laughed all the way to my vehicle.
   Then she told a funny on herself. When the rain started, she said to her brother, "Either the birds have started peeing or it's raining."
   I am glad it was raining. (Pee would have bee just too gross!)

Keep Laughing,
Kim Izzy

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